Monday, July 22, 2013


Much better now, judging by the 3 mile hike we took this morning :D it was great! pretty steep both ways tho- we made it down to the flume again, from the backyard of a member. great fun :D will send some pictures. eventually. :)

@transposing: so fun, huh! I bet you could do it with the primary songs, too. remember that one time I transposed that song for Rosemary when she was in the primary? (is she still? how are they all? I haven't heard from them or about them in a while.) yeah, that was good times. made me feel good to use that skill though :) 

YAY, BAPTISMS! We're having one this week too! :D for Lily, she's 12. Yay! Youth! 
It really does take a ward! We were just thinking this week on more ways we could include ours, since it's hard for just two of us to find people to teach in such a large area. But we're working at it. A couple ideas. Say hi to the Sisters for me! (Dad said you had them over for dinner :)
@Bro Redman: YAY! He's so cool :D Did they call him as the ward mission leader, or just as a ward missionary? cos I thought Bro. Flinders just barely got called o.o or was Courtney as an WML assistant? Anyway. He sounds legit, either way. Yay, missionary work! You can always tell how converted people are based on their willingness to share the gospel/answers questions. 

I got the thingy from downeast! thanks! the shirts fit perfect. also, the skirt looks comfy! I don't have anything to match it yet, but I'll find something. :D something white, maybe. we'll see. *shopping spree* 

Honey, yay! I love that you named the hives. I like it. Haha :) Is Ed the one I saw?

@Cawleys: go figure! haha I'm just surprised I haven't met anyone with family connections yet. (pretty much all my companions thus far have had some sort of cousin-somethingorother-relative. muhar, lookit me, being crazy.)

"Too bad we don't have a lot of members from California.:(" Birds... but they're gone now anyway. Hm. Well, guess I'll just have to come home and then I can be all over Facebook then. Haha!

"The more I learn the more I realize I don't know." Story of my life, haha. I bet you're doing great! much better than me, for sure :) although I'm tempted to take a class, so... ha, we'll see. 


(sorry, I'm being distracted by my bro's emails :3)

so... missionary work is awesome. but it's also got it's fair share of awkward. STORYTIEM! we tried to go see an man this week that I'd talked to in like, February. So we were all, yeah it's time to go see him again and try to introduce the gospel! So we go up to the house, and a young guy answers (we were looking for an older guy).
we said, "hay we're looking for David!" 
and he goes "o um... he's deceased." 
and we were all O_O
*epic backpedal*
so the mom came to the door and I tried to talk about how we share messages about what happens after we die (smooth huh) and she says, "we're still looking for a church to mourn at, but thanks for coming!" so we said g'bye and left.

yep. awkward. don't you just love it?

on a more spiritual note, we shared a video [finding faith in Christ] with Les this week. It was so great!! He has zero religious background, so he isn't famliar with those kinds of stories at all. But when we were finished watching it he brought up that it was really well done, and it brought the "tingle" feeling that he said he'd sometimes got at church. PERFECT! (we had to move his date back again, btw- still not smoke-free.) But it was really cool to be able to realize that he's feeling the spirit and recognizing that things are changing, even if he doesn't have actual names for these events or whatever. the spirit! it is awesome!

okay, gonna go so I'm not distracted anymore haha. LOVE YA! Thanks for being great! <3

Sister Nelson

Smores July 2013

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